I’ve been representing Social Security Disability clients in South Florida for over 25 years.  Its a long time to be practicing.  I can remember a time when I was one of the few attorneys handling SSD in the area. Then about 20 years ago, the commercials started. Attorneys from all over the country appearing in 30 second commercials on t.v.  Some had hats, some had pipes. They were not local.

None of them ever personally met with you.  None of them had your back as near as I can tell.

My name is Alex Kranz.  My name is on the front door of my office.  I take my job seriously.  My clients get my personal cell phone number (561-255-9350).  They get my personal email address (ajkranz@msn.com).  My clients are encouraged, to call or text me whenever they want. They know when they call, text or email me, they’ll get an immediate response. Why.  Because I see my clients all the time – coffee shops, grocery stores, doctor’s offices.  I am their neighbors.  I have their backs.

When you hire me, you get me.   You won’t be met at the trial of your case with an inexperienced attorney who you have never met before.  Does that happen?  Yes, it does. I cannot tell you how many clients I’ve represented over the years who first hired the “commercial” attorneys.  They tell me hard to believe stories about being met by an attorney for the first time just before court!   The hearing didn’t go to well.

That’s why they hired me.  You hired me, you get me!

 Come in for a free consult.  Give me a call or text me at 561-255-9350. Or you can email me at ajkranz@msn.com.   I will sit down with you, review all the facts of your case, discuss the process of getting disability and walk you through the time line.  We will talk about what can be done to get your case through the process quicker. We will talk about getting your doctor’s more involved so that we have a better chance of winning your case even before trial.

If you want more information about my law firm, please check out my website at Kranzlawfirm.com. You will find plenty of information on SSD claims. I go into great depth explaining the process, the requirements for proof, the time-line. I think its a pretty good overview of what it takes to win your SSD case.  If you want to see what my former and current clients, and a few attorneys, think of me, check out Avvo.comGoogle.com or Yelp.com.  Just plug in my name and the location of my office – Palm Beach Gardens – and you will get over 20 references.  I have no control over what is written about my or my firm.  But I’ll tell you this much, I’m honored to have each and every one of those references.  You see, they are my neighbors; they live where I live. I am not a talking head on a t.v. commercial wearing a cowboy hat.

And I have their backs …

Thanks for your time